Day 4 – Golden Monkeys Safari

Up at 05.45, grabbing some breakfast and some food for our hike, and by seven we were on our way into the Virunga Mountains.

The first stop was the ranger station for registration, a briefing and one of the best coffees I have had. Called Africa Coffee, which is a cafemocca with a hint of ginger. If you go there that is the option to go for.

After a short drive we started out trek into the mountains. Last night we were told it might be a hard walk into the bush. However the truth was a easy hike around some farm fields until we came to the edge og the forest. Today it was a bit slippery since we had some rain last night, but all in all it was a nice walk.

At the forest edge we spotted the first monkies in the treetops, and shortly after they came out in force. There is only one group allowed a day and you are only allowed one hour with the monkeys.

We did do a short stint into the bush and got really close, but later they were all in the fields, literary just around our legs.

A real nice experience, but with a little bit of a bitter after taste. Wild animals beeing so used to humans, and guides “herding” people and animals around is a little sad.

We were back at our camp around 12, and a perfect time to go get some lunch. Our local guide, Isak, lead us to a nice place that we would never have found and we got some great food.

Back at the bus I decided to take some time to organize my stuff, back up my images and get ready for the next leg of the trip.

Tomorrow we will leave Rwanda and head into Uganda.

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