Day 33 – Off to El Calafate

Today we did a very late start from Puerto Natales, no long drive today. A few kilometres to the border and then another 200 from there.

So off we went at eleven. Crossing into Argentina is starting to get routine now and didn’t take a lot of time. Lot easier than the last border and the officials couldn’t be bothered with checking the bus like the last time.

Guess they were more interested in the cars than the buses.

Just after the border we had our lunch stop before pushing on.

There are two roads that we could have taken to El Calafate, in the end Marco chose the slightly longer route. This one had the better road, the other one would have been shaky gravel all the way.

When we go to Esperanza the wind picked up a lot. The headwind was so that the bus struggled to do more than 50 km an hour in high gear for a while. Thinking about getting the roof up later looked like a nightmare.

So me and Marie had a little bus party in the front bed, couldn’t really get anyone else to join 🙂

We also had to do an short emergency stop as we suddenly got smoke coming from the engine compartment. Luckily there was no fire, but our fuel leak might not be a 100% fixed.

When we got to El Calafate the wind had died down some, and the big trees around the camp site shielded us from the worst. Getting the roof on wasn’t to hard and soon we went onto town in search of dinner.

There doesn’t seem to be much happening in town tonight. There was talk about carnival this week, but apparently that ended today.

That might explain the mostly deserted streets. We had a horrible Irish Coffee at a pub before going back to the bus and to bed.

Tomorrow I got to figure out what to do the next days. This place don’t have a lot to offer except the trips to the Perito Moreno Glazier. 

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