Day 7 – 8 Driving to Iguazu

We finally arrived in Iguazu after two long days of driving.

When we started out from Paraty two days ago we had great sunny weather as expected. But on the road in lands it started changing and after lunch the rain came. We were lucky enough to get a break in the weather for dinner. Just minutes after we started driving the rain started again.

And with one missed exit we added a few kilometres to the trip.
When found another slot in the weather to make camp and settled inn for the night. Our camp site for the night was a truck stop just outside Tarumã

Our second day of driving started out good, and ended good. Just a bit of rain in the middle.
A bit of rain on long drives isn’t the worst, but it was good to have the sun out when we arrived in Iguazu.

After getting settled a few of us walked into town and had dinner at the first place we got to. No need to overdo it.

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