Dj Tiësto @ Sentrum Scene

Last night I went to Dj Tiësto at Sentrum Scene, and it was good 😀

I think Tiësto plaid the best set he’s played in years, and even if they crammed 1800 people into the place it didn’t get as bad as I’ve expected. A bit of cuing to get inn, but not to bad, go frisked by a ho gal ;), to bad she was such a pro at what she was doing, a bit of cuing to get rid of my jacket and then into the main venue.

When I arrived DJ SL was warming ut and he played quite good, then I still haven’t figured out who came on next but he was dull, and I think a lot of people would agree. It seems that most of the room stopped and people just stood watching.

Then 10 minutes before Tiësto was scheduled the sound suddenly went. My first thought was “Fuck .. someone has managed to spill beer in the mixing table again ” (It has happened before) But after a few minutes of running by the crew they got it back up and running.

Then just past midnight Tiësto came on and he played a nice set until half past two, he started out with the first track from the latest in search of sunrise, as expected, played some from this latest album and towards teh end a few older tracks that i enjoyed. Especially “He’s a pirate” 😀

All in all it was a nice evening, and I got home even if my legs were totally worn out. I guess doing a spinning class before such an event isn’t the best idea 😀

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