Day 1 – Arriving in Johannesburg

Finally we have arrived in Africa. We arrived last night after a long night of flying. We got picked up on the airport by a local driver in a local bus, and we mange to get almost all of the luggage. One cart of luggage was left behind in Addis, but only one in our group was affected.
The drive to Moufasa Backpackers was eventless, but a bit scary since the bus seem to have issues and was sailing all over the place, it’s going to be good getting into the pink bus for the next stages.
At the camping we were met by the group of people who as been on the road for a few weeks already. And the look on Urbans face was undescribable 🙂 I know he was expecting to se someone he knew, but not two.
While the old crew tidied the bus ready for some more people. We are now 27 traellers in the group, including the drivers and staff, which makes it pretty much a full buss. This is going to be a great trip!

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