Day 5 – on to Prague, or not

Plan for the day. Spend a few hours in Hanover and book a ticket for the night train to Prague.

I slept in a bit today before going over to the public pool next door to the camp. A proper shower and a good swim made wonders to tired legs from the day before.
Then I went into town to book my ticket for the night train to Prague. Normally you can just hop on most trains with your Interrail rail pass, but for some routes and night trains you have to pre book.
For some reason I was told that booking tickets on the night train wasn’t necessary and that I could just show up and get on.

The rest of the day I spent figuring out what to do in Prague when I got there and wandered around Hanover. I remember getting some amazing spring rolls from a street vendor, watching a street artist drawing a hole in the ground and seeing my first human statue. This guys was good, not like the one you see all around Oslo today that looks like crap and can’t keep still for a second.

I got to have a listen to a blues band playing at the opera house and I got some plans for after Prague.

I discovered that there would be an air show in Zeltweg, Austria on the 30th and I decided that was something I wanted to attend.

At around eight I showed up at the station and found the train leaving for Prague, three carriages and all booked by a travel operator. No place for a lone backpacker there. I had a talk with the staff on the train and got to have a look in the cabin of the locomotive, but no ride.

So what to do, I guess I’m stranded in Hanover for another night.
I went back to Jam City where they were able to provide me with a bed, but no sleeping bag.
I got my warm clothes on and settled in for the night.

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