Day 7 and 8. Driving to Orange River


Day 7
Our first proper driving day started out with a short drive to Paarl where we visited Fairview wine farm. More wine tasting, and this time wines matched with different types of cheese.
We spent three hours on the farm, tasting wine and having lunch.

Fairview got a nice restaurant and excellent food.

After lunch we set out for Clan William where we spent the night.

I had my first go at cooking on this trip and we served a nice soup /stew with fish. Nice and hot.

After dinner we had a small bonfire before turning in.

Day 8
Another day in Africa.  Waking up at 6, having breakfast and on the road again at seven. 

Yesterday we were blessed with miles of nice straight roads, but now it’s getting a bit bumpier.

There’s a lot of roadwork around here so we have had a few holdups waiting for our turn to drive past.

We reached Fiddlers Creek which was or campsite, right by Orange River.

We had our first bus party there. Theme was hat,  and the staff on the camping served a great diner. Whole pig roasted on a open fire.

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