Day 6 – River safari

We are almost done with Botswana. We are now at the border and had a very good day. The drive up here was long, but on the way we got to tick of another of the big five. We saw a couple of elephants along the road, and we got to see a water buffalo. We came to Chobe around lunchtime and had our first proper African Time meal, meaning we spent over an hour waiting for the food.
After lunch we drove to our camp site and was picked up ready to go on a boat safari on the border river between Botswana and Namibia. This ended up being a very good trip, got to see a lot of animals and ended up seeing three hippos play fighting in the water.

Later we had dinner at our campsite, Kwalape Lodge, and again it was proper Africa Time food, not able to make whats on the menu, very slow service and cold food. Guess I’m not coming back here.

Tomorrow we’ll cross the border into Zimbabwe and on to Victoria falls.

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