Day 5. Township and sunset on Table mountain

A new day with a more relaxed pace than previous.

I started out with a nice stroll into town, looking for a hat to use on a party that’s planned in not to long.

Didn’t find one, but ended up with a pair of shorts. After having lunch I went back to the hostel where a group of us was picked up to go visit one of the Townships around Cape town.

We went to Khayelitsha which is the largest Township in South Africa.  Townships here remind me a lot of the favelas I visited in Rio.

There is a lot of poverty, but also a lot of hope and dreams.

In the afternoon I was hoping to go do some tactical chopper flying. Unfortunatly we were not enough people who wanted to do it to actually make it happen.

It’s a shame but the alternative that came up was very nice.

We took the cableway up to table mountain and had a picnicking there watching the sunset.

The contrast from my first trip couldn’t have been larger.  Today we had warm, calm weather and with a bit of good food and drink the afternoon ended on a high note.

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