Day 4 – Leaving South Africa

Early start today to get in some safariing before we got on the road again. We got in a big truck the eleven of us and a South African family. The game reserver in Pilansberg isn’t the most known but we got to tick two of the big five. We got sight onĀ  a pride of lions and some elephants in the distance. The most unusual animal we got to se this morning was the spotted eagle owl. Great spotting from someone in the car up ahead who managed to see it in the threes just by the road. It’s always fun when you have someone traveling with you that are from the local area. Good chance to talk to and get a better idea on how things work in South Africa. This is the second time I’ve visited South Africa and actually one of the first times I’ve had a proper talk with some white South African.

After we got back from the safari our bus was ready to roll and we headed north toward Gabarone. Passing into Botswana wen’t reasonably smooth. On of the customs officials on the South African side of the border had his stamp date set wrong so it looked like we left a day early, luckely the first who got stamped spotted it and we got it fixed. Not sure if it would have mattered, but not worth chancing it.

When we got into Gabarone we had a little hour in town before heading to our campsite. We stayed at the Beams Camping. Getting the bus in was tight, but we got.
After dinner most of us got to bead early, since tomorrow is to be another early start to get as far as possible into Botswana.

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