Day 17 – 18 Last days in Colombia

Day 17 – Arriving back in Bogotá

We are back in Bogotá for what will be our last two short days here before we fly back home. Or rather the others fly home and I’m going direct to London.

The flight from Cartagena went without issues and we were picked up by two buses at the airport like last time. We are staying at a different hostel this time, but in the same area of Bogotá. This time we stay at the hostel Martinik. It got dorm rooms with rickety bunk beds and you better be up early if you want hot water in the shower.

After checking in we went out for some late lunch. Just down the road is a pizza place called Mona Lisa, and of course we needed to test that one out. The food was nice and service fast, just what we needed.

Later we went to the Gold Museum, a place worth visiting with a guide. There are free English guided tours twice a day which makes it more interesting.

Going to the museum turned out to be a wet affair. The skies opened up and we got drenched on the way. And it’s cold, at least compared to where we just came from.

After the museum we went back to the hostel and just relaxed. Some of the Swedes tried to get the Canada vs Sweden hockey game on, but without much luck.

Tomorrow we got almost a full day still in town until we lead for the airport at 1830.

Day 18 – Last day in Colombia for this time

It’s the last day and we still got some exploring to do.

The breakfast at the hostel was like it usually is, bad. White bread, some cereal and milk. Not much to fill you up so I ended going out for breakfast.

After breakfast I went on the official guided graffiti tour of Bogotá. Jay was our guide of the art, history and politics of the street art.

The part of town we are living in you’ll only find street art for the sake of the art. Any political art is quickly removed from the walls as the tourists are not to see it.

A lot of the other great pieces will also be lost in the following years as the city government is planning for this part of town to be an “authentic” old town for tourists.

To me the art got to be better to look at than the plain white walls coming up, and of course with white walls there will be tags everywhere in hours. Rather then proper nice murals. But I guess that’s a battle the city of Bogotá will have to wage against the artists and locals.

The last part of the tour took us to the less touristy parts where the political agendas came out in full force.

Colombia has come far when it comes to cleaning up, however it seem there is a lot still to be done to get rid of corruption and the richest using the poorest.

After our tour we had a great lunch and I did a bit of exploring on my own before going back to the hostel.

I guess I’ll hang here for a while until our pick up to the airport.

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