Bands Crossing Borders

Only two weeks late, well shit happens 🙂

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend at Årvoll skole where we were part of something I really enjoy.

Bands Crossing Borders is a cooperation between NMF in Norway and the Field Band Foundation in South Africa. Since 2001 there has been an exchange of musicians between Norway and South Africa. Four or five South Africans come to Norway and some Norwegian go to South Africa to teach and learn music.

In Norway the South Africans travel around the country having seminars with different band where they teach South African songs and dance to Norwegians. Or try to 🙂

The playing of music usually works out good, but getting stiff Norwegians to move is another matter 🙂 At least when it comes to the older generation like us. I guess the kids are easier to get moving.

But still it’s a lot of fun, you learn some new tunes by ear and play beats and rhythms that are a bit different from what we are used to.

This is the second time I’m part of it and I’m hoping it’s not the last.

I guess this picture sums up a bit of how it can be 😀

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