Back from “bandcamp” :-D

The weekend has almost come to an end, and this one has been a good one.

I’ve been to Hamar with some people form Sørkedalen brass and Vivo brass where we have had a seminar with some south Africans that are in Norway on a exchange program. They travel around the country doing seminars like the one we have been to and performing.

This weekend it was our turn, and apparently we are the first grown up band they’ve had. Which would be challenging in it self. but it went very well, I thing everyone there have had a great time.

We have rehearsed a few pieces without sheet music, just by listening to the instructors. It’s a lot of fun and actually not to hard. The biggest problem is remembering which parts belong to which song. But when you put it all together it seems to be working reasonably well.

The real test comes next Saturday when we are giving a concert with the stuff we have been working on this weekend. I’m really looking forward to that to, and hope I’ll remember what to play.

A week is a long time 🙂

if you are in town you should come visit and ave a good time. The concert is held at Årvoll Gård

Check out the poster: concert poster

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