2011 South American Adventure – Ecuador to Brazil

Rosa Bussarna logoIt’s done, or at least is has started !

Today I got the news from work that I’ll be able to do have my vacation as I asked for and I didn’t wast a second booking my next adventure. Well I wasted a few minutes cause I had forgotten my login to the Pink Caravan website.

But I’m now booked on SEB11 Ecuador – Brazil Pink Caravan Adventure. Leaving in mid November for the South America and returning in the middle of January 2012

I’ve been wanting to do this trip for a while but being 8 weeks it seemed that I would never have time to do it with the holidays available. But I actually never looked at the travel date until Nina, Thanks Nina!, pointed out that it runs over Christmas and New Year so that I could use vacation days from two years.

Still it was a long stretch since that time of the year is one of the most busy periods. But it’s still a while until it happens and we’ll work that out somehow. At least I’m glad my boss sees it that way as well.

I guess you’ll here more about this as I get on with the preparation and planning. Now to dig up some cash for the deposit.

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